Your home is your sanctuary, a reflection on you and the biggest financial investment you are ever going to make. Thats precisely why you are looking for an interior designer in Manchester.

And that’s exactly why you need to know what I know….!

Hi, my name is Rich R and welcome to my blog. Did you know there are lots of designers ripping off innocent home owners every day? Many of these so called ‘interior experts’ have no experience, no industry contacts and absolutely zero respect for their clients and customers.

They are often over-charging for design and work, not paying contractors (who then chase you for money) and leaving home projects completely unfinished!

How Do I Know This?

Unfortunately from personal experience. I was ripped off by a company that looked professional from the outside, yet was run by a bunch of complete jokers. For legal reasons I cant disclose who this is. However……

As a keen online writer I can give you the ultimate resources needed to ensure you dont hire the people I did, but get the best people in the industry I have ever come across.

Make sure you……

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