What You Need To Know About Interior Designers in Manchester

A quick search on any search engine will reveal lots of different interior designers in Manchester and other North West towns and cities of the UK. But just exactly how do you select the right person and designer for the job? How do you make sure higher prices result in high standards?

Obviously these questions regularly asked by people searching for appropriate professionals in many industries. After all no one wants to be in a similar position to that which I found myself in.

I had paid thousands of pounds to hire what I believed was a professional team to manage the interior design of my house. It was only as the job began that I started to have suspicions and around three weeks into the project I realised I had been completely ripped off.

Work was not happening on time, contractors were poorly skilled and despite my upfront payment many of the contractors that did do good work were never paid. I was then left with a lot of cleaning up to do financially and a lot of cleaning up to do in my home.

So here are some basic tips you need to follow in order to not get ripped off.

Firstly look for a designer that has a good quality website. Someone that has put a lot of time, effort and money into their online presence is obviously professional and serious about their work and reputation.

Secondly look for a designer or designers that have a good portfolio of past work. Many interior consultants have before and after shots which can be very helpful to you as a buyer.
Next it was a good idea to look for someone that has a lot of good industry contacts. Your designers will not do all of the work and therefore need to call on professionals for certain aspects of each project. If they have good contacts and know good people your end result will be so much better.

Finally make sure you get a free quote or consultation. This allows you to the price of the competition but more importantly it allows you to meet your designer in person allowing you to figure out if you like their work, if you like them and if you trust their experience and expertise. 

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